Sidhant Bhavnani

Programmer & Social Scientist

I help, study and teach people with technology.



Highschooler from New Delhi, India, Working on projects with Technology, Education, Design and helping people in general, amateur photographer, interwebs enthusiast.


My core skills are in Web Development and Programming. My passion for helping people and making a change in the world around me made me want to study Humanities in school. I discovered the beautiful world of Open Source 3 years back and haven't stopped contributing since. After going through 11 years of the Indian Education System and teaching in one of the better Government Schools of the state for 3 months, I have a burning desire to make education better.

I am currently a web developer at Data Science for India and the President of my school's Technology Club, MINET.


  • English Mother tongue
  • Hindi Bilingual proficiency
  • javascript MehBasic stuff
  • NodeJS learning
  • Git Great
  • Python Pr0
  • Django RESTful
  • Algorithms and Data Structures Intro to CS lvl
  • Photography and Compostition Gud1


  • All
  • Social Projects
  • Web Development
  • Programming
  • Art


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